Case Study

Neelamben Chavda, an inspiring personality who has impressed the MLA with her Business Enthusiasm

Neelamben Chavda from Jesapura village of Kheda District in Gujarat is an inspiration to many women. Kuberjee team once organized a seminar in Nadiyad City which Neelamben attended. She decided to join Kuberjee in the seminar itself. The TLM and MLA were the guests at her store opening ceremony.
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Abhalbhai, a milk store owner of Navagam availed banking services in his village

Abhalbhai is a milk-store owner in the village Navagam (Sardhar) availed basic banking services for the people of his village at his milk-store. With the help of Kuberjee’s micro-ATM service, Abhalbhai is offering services like cash withdraw-deposit, mini statement to people.
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Mr. Umakant, a general store owner Digitized his store through Kuberjee Services

Mr. Umakant is running a General store in Thalkarrwadi, Malvan the state of Maharashtra. In the year 2021 when the second wave of Covid-19 striked in the country again; to make sure his business run without many obstacles, he decided to welcome digitalization in his business
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