Mr. Umakant, a general store owner Digitized his store through Kuberjee Services

Mr. Umakant is running a General store in Thalkarrwadi, Malvan the state of Maharashtra. In the year 2021 when the second wave of Covid-19 striked in the country again; to make sure his business run without many obstacles, he decided to welcome digitalization in his business.

Mr. Umakant is running a General store in Thalkarrwadi, Malvan the state of Maharashtra. He runs a General store in Malvan of Maharashtra. Just like every general store, Mr. Umakant also has a good customer base. During the year 2021, when Covid-19 became more lethal and customers are frightened from coming out of their homes; to maintain his customer base, Mr. Umakant decided to accept digitalization in his business.

To help people avoid transactions in cash, and to provide a medium of cashless payment; Mr. Umakant decided to go digital. Umakantbhai found a solution in Kuberjee’s services and he became one of the members of the Kuberjee Family. It helped them to serve their customers by availing them of a medium of cashless payment. Umakantbhai has started offering Kuberjee’s Digital services like online mobile recharge, bill payment, money transfer, and cashless payment as well. He has also started offering banking services to his customers; this has boosted his business and enlarged the customer base. Umakantbhai is running his business successfully with Kuberjee.

Talking about Kuberjee, Mr, Umakantbhai says, “Kuberjee and its digital services have saved my business and helped me in maintaining my customer base. Not only in that but Kuberjee has helped me gain new customers, who are approaching me just to utilize digital services.”

At Umakantbhai’s general store, people can get general products and at the same time, they can utilize various Kuberjee Services like online mobile recharge, bill payment, ticket booking, and Micro ATM services as well. This has not only boosted the customer base for Umakantbhai but it has helped him earn additional income in the form of commission, eventually, it has boosted the revenue of Umakantbhai’s General store.