About Us

Kuberjee, a women-led financial platform

Kuberjee is a platform especially involved in financial solutions and digitalization of Rural, Semi-Rural areas. With its multi-faceted solutions and services, Kuberjee is contributing to uplifting the class associated with the unorganized economy. Also, by providing a platform that helps women bloom their entrepreneurship spirit.

Kuberjee is not just a digital platform but it is a source for many to fulfill their dreams. Kuberjee Tech Private Limited, simply known as Kuberjee is a platform that offers multiple digital services, payment solutions, and financial services. The objective of the Kuberjee platform is to contribute to nation-building through women empowerment, rural employment, digitalization, and financial inclusion.

Initially, Kuberjee was helping small-medium businesses with its Digital Payment Solution and Retail Services. Kuberjee is now developed as a complete Financial Solution and Banking corresponding platform. Users can utilize Kuberjee’s multiple services through Kuberjee mobile application and the Kuberjee website. Digital payment and Online booking are primary services of Kuberjee.

Kuberjee offers Banking Correspondence services in rural and semi-urban areas. Kuberjee has provided a platform for Banking Correspondent services to hundreds of women across Gujarat and India. Through its BC points and FSOs, Kuberjee is availing fundamental banking and financial services to the customers of remote villages. With its services, BC points, and mobile application, Kuberjee has served around 4 million customers across the country.

In the coming time, Kuberjee is visualizing serving another 3 million people with its advanced financial services like loans, Lending services, Saving Schemes, and other basic but essential services.


Our Vision

We, as a team at Kuberjee, visualize reaching every possible corner of the country with our multifaceted financial and digital services. We wish to take every affordable and possible service to our end-users, no matter how remote they are located. We have reached almost every corner of our home-state Gujarat and successfully achieved our mission of 2022.


Our Mission

Kuberjee Tech Private Limited’s mission is to empower women from rural-under-developed areas and include them as active contributors to the mainstream economy. Our objective-Financial inclusion includes women as future entrepreneurs and business leaders. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the rural and urban economies of India. As a team, we are truly dedicated to our mission.

Our Success Stories

We evaluate our success by the Joy on the face of our users and the Satisfaction in their eyes. Know what our customers say about their experience with Kuberjee in their own words.

Chhota Udaipur, Gujarat

Anand, Gujarat

Baroda, Gujarat

Jamnagar, Gujarat