Kuberjee, a Women-LED Fintech Platform

Kuberjee [Kuberjee Tech Pvt. Ltd.] is a pioneering fintech venture dedicated to empowering rural and semi-rural Indian communities. With a strong focus on financial inclusion, Kuberjee offers a comprehensive platform with essential financial services provided by women entrepreneurs. Named after the God of Wealth "Kuber" and "Jee" is a sign of respect for women, reflecting the aspiration to bring prosperity to underserved regions.

At its core, Kuberjee’s network of well-trained local women entrepreneurs bridges between global financial solutions and the doorstep of every village. They are equipped and trained with mobile apps to facilitate banking transactions, financial services like micro-lending, gold loans, insurance, investment services like digital gold, micro-saving, digital services, and more, tailored to meet the unique needs of each community.

Kuberjee's mission extends beyond financial transactions. By fostering financial empowerment, Kuberjee is a catalyst for socio-economic growth, transforming lives and bridging the gap between urban and rural opportunities. uberjee envisions a future where every individual in Bharat has the tools and resources to thrive in the global economy.


Our Vision

Kuberjee's vision is to create a sustainable financial ecosystem in rural India, with women as key drivers of economic progress. We are committed to bringing comprehensive financial services to every village, leveraging technology and social entrepreneurship to uplift rural communities and promote financial inclusion. Our goals encompass life transformation, women's empowerment, and positive social change, all contributing to a more equitable and prosperous India.


Our Mission

Kuberjee's mission is to empower women from rural and underdeveloped areas, making them active contributors to the mainstream economy. Our objective is to achieve financial inclusion by enabling women to become future entrepreneurs and business leaders. We are committed to bridging the gap between rural and urban economies in India

Our Success Stories

We evaluate our success by the Joy on the face of our users and the Satisfaction in their eyes. Know what our customers say about their experience with Kuberjee in their own words.
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