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Kuberjee Banking Services

With its services like Micro ATM, AEPS Kuberjee is taking basic banking services to people located in remote areas. There are many villages and remote areas where banks are yet to reach. Also, in some villages, there are no bank branches or ATMs. In such areas, people are lacking fundamental banking services.

Kuberjee is determined to reach every village with its banking and financial services. With the help of Banking correspondent points and BC women; Kuberjee is availing banking services in these areas. Through Micro ATM, people can access their bank account using their ATM cards; they can Withdraw-Deposit Cash, do a Balance inquiry, or get a mini statement.

Similarly, through the AEPS service, users can utilize their Aadhaar Card and access their Aadhaar Enabled bank account. People can perform Aadhaar-to-Aadhaar bank transfers, Get a mini statement, withdraw cash, etc. Through its services, Kuberjee is contributing to financial inclusion and digitalization.
Save in Gold, Purchase Gold with ease

Kuberjee Gold Services

Providing a platform to purchase Gold-coins or jewellery, save in Gold scheme,assured and secured services for everyone.

Kuberjee has introduced its gold service that is enabling people with limited income or weak financial backgrounds to purchase gold. People can purchase gold on easy EMIs on Kuberjee, at the time of booking their product; users can fix their Gold prize. On the Kuberjee platform, users can purchase gold coins and gold jewellery online.

Kuberjee has also introduced the Gold saving scheme on the platform. Users can save in digital gold on this platform; also they can claim their products at a certain time. People who have limited resources can utilize Kuberjee services and save in gold. In this gold saving scheme customers will be paying the amount in instalments monthly and at the end of the last instalment, they will be able to receive the item at home.


Kuberjee Financial Services

Kuberjee Tech Private Limited offers lending services to its customers. In the case of unavailability of the loan service, customers can utilize the lending service and gain the amount. Customers can receive financial support from Kuberjee in the form of Credit.

Kuberjee also offers loan services to its customers. Users can get Personal loans, Gold Loans, or Vehicle loans from Kuberjee. Through multiple repayment options and the lowest rate of interest; Kuberjee’s customers can easily avail of loans from Kuberjee. Kuberjee offers varieties of loan services like Gold Loan, Agricultural Loans, Personal Loan, and Cattle Loan.

Kuberjee also offers insurance services to its customers; customers can utilize this insurance service for various purposes. The customers can purchase crop insurance, vehicle insurance, Health insurance, Crop insurance, or cattle insurance on the Kuberjee platform.

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