Privacy Policy

Welcome to Kuberjee Privacy Policy

This privacy policy provides you with details about hoe KuberJee collects, stores and uses your data. Read this privacy policy very carefully as you expressly give us consent to use your personal information when you operate our platform. Our privacy policy may change any time without prior notice.

If you do not agree to the terms of our policy, kindly do not use or access KuberJee. This privacy policy shall apply to KuberJee website and KuberJee mobile application. Ensure that you keep track of any changes taking place on our online platforms.

Personal Information

Personal information inculcates all provided details such as name, address, e-mail ID, debit/credit card number, card expiration date and phone specifications. You will able to collect the information regarding the domain and websites.


KuberJee keeps your personal information secured. We will not share your personal information with any third party entities for whatsoever reason until deemed necessary in special conditions. We may reveal general data about KuberJee and its users, such as number of consumers and the type of recharges.

Use Of Personal Information

KuberJee uses personal information to provide the best services. We inform you about our new offers, discounts, and recharges. The terms and conditions protect your personal information against fraudulent activities. We also use your contact information occasionally to send you best offers based on previous transactions and activity.


KuberJee provides stringent security to all the users. We protect your data from misuse or loss and keep your alternate information under our control. Once your information in our possession, we protect it to avoid any kind of unauthorized access.


It is the information stored by web browser and web server in regards to your internet activity. KuberJee uses cookies and tracking technology but no personal information other than the one provided is collected by us. Cookies help us provide you better service.


As per the privacy policy you approve that the information you provided can be used KuberJee. In case you need support, the contact details are given at the end of every page.