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Rural Development

Developing rural areas by connecting them with the mainstream economy

Kuberjee is contributing to the development of Rural areas through its multiple services. Kuberjee is contributing to digitalizing the remote areas of the country by making basic and essential services available to common people. Kuberjee helps them by accessing services like Livestock exchange, Agri. Equipment Exchange, and Agri. Loans online. Through our services, we are contributing to the ‘Digital India’ campaign.

Financial Inclusion

Contributing to Financial Inclusion through our Financial services

Kuberjee is enabling people in rural and underdeveloped areas to access the financial services which often haven’t reached these people. Through its platform, Kuberjee is availing Loan services like Agri. Loans, Vehicle loans, insurance services, Gold loans, and Lending services. With Our services, we are contributing to the financial inclusion of rural India.

Dairy Corporative

Bringing a significant change in the lives of people associated with Dairy Corporative

With our services like Micro ATM and AEPS services, we are helping people associated with the dairy industry to perform easy transactions. Through our platform, people can trade their livestock as well. The Dairy owners can pay their milk depositors directly in their bank account through the Kuberjee platform. We are bringing ease to the transaction routine of dairies and their customers.

Contributing to Woman Empowerment
Helping women to become self-reliant and Tech enable

Women in large numbers associated with Kuberjee. Kuberjee is employing them as Banking Correspondents and FSOs. With Kuberjee, women are becoming self-reliant and contributing to social development.

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Witness the Change that Kuberjee is bringing to the remote areas through its Banking Correspondent services and BC points.

Families Served

Kuberjee Served 10 lakh families across the country

With our Digital services like Digital Payment, Online Booking, Recharge, and other essential services like Gold Loan, Agri. Loans, we have served around 10 Lakh Families around the Country. We made the transaction easier through our multi-functional mobile application. We have helped families in accessing basic banking services at their doorsteps. Our Lending services and Loan services helped thousands of people to fulfill their dreams.
Saving Kilometer

Saved hundreds of Kilometres and hours of our users located in remote areas

With our services like Banking Correspondent points and Digital payment applications, we have helped thousands of people to save valuable time and effort. In the areas where banks and ATMs are not reached yet, Kuberjee has reached there with its services. We have helped people avoid traveling just to access banking services and saved their valuable time at the same time.
Tech Enabled

Tech-enabled thousands of women and Villages in Gujarat and other states

Kuberjee Team has visited thousands of women from different locations in Gujarat and helped them to become self-independent, help them to start their businesses, and provided them with necessary guidance and training. Not only in Gujarat but in the states like Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan we have helped small and medium business owners to digitalize their businesses in terms of accepting and making payments.
Women Employment

Provided employment to more than 5000 Women in the rural area

Till the end of 2023, we as Kuberjee Tech Private Limited has employed around 5000+ women from Rural area of Gujarat. Kuberjee has employed these women as Field Service Officers in their village and nearby areas. As FSOs these women will be helping the people of their areas in understanding Digital and Financial Services, getting Loans, and other necessary assistance.

Our Success Stories

We evaluate our success by the Joy on the face of our users and the Satisfaction in their eyes. Know what our customers say about their experience with Kuberjee in their own words.
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