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Our Vision
To create opportunity, growth and impact in rural communities of India, minimizing the gap between Rural India and Urban India.
Kuberjee Vision Mission
Through business and financial awareness campaigns, with the help of Kuberjee, we will empower every citizen of rural India.
Our Mission
Our Purpose

Be the trusted banker in your area

Whether you are a retailer, distributor, individual or self-help group, we have smart solutions for everyone.

We aim to take Kuberjee and its services to every rural corner of India starting with our home state Gujarat. Our mission is, until the end of the year 2022 we will make Kuberjee and its services available to every remote village of Gujarat.

Use our digital suite of products to upgrade your store and manage your credits, customers and payments better. Offer our assisted financial and digital commerce services to increase your income. Be the trusted banker in your area.

How Kuberjee Store works?

Kuberjee store offers multiple retail services that the Distributors/Retailers can offer to their customers. These services include initial retail services like recharge, bill payment, money transfer to the premium services in which basic banking services like Micro ATM, AEPS, etc., services are included.

Our Valued Partners

We at Kuberjee have tied up with a diverse set of great partners from ICICI Bank to many more.

This helps us enable the local Kuberjee to provide a great set of services in their communities. Rural commerce ecosystem is still driven by trust, relationships and physical interactions. But without a digital interface, the potential is largely untapped. We are changing that by offering every business access to its targeted rural population through our three-tiered social, digital and physical platform.

Core Team

Our Expert Panel:

Here are our team members, whose expertise in their field and experience is backing Kuberjee Store and leading it towards bringing a valuable impact on the lives of Kuberjee Store associates and its customers, who are the people of Rural and semi-urban India.

Punit Gajera
Mr. Punit Gajera

Co-Founder, CEO

Hitesh Kaneriya
Mr. Hitesh Kaneriya

Co-Founder, COO

Kiran Pai
Mr. Kiran Pai

Chief Revenue Officer

Vijay Hirapara
Mr. Vijay Hirapara

Chief Technology Officer

About Kuberjee

Every Town & Village’s local store

Kuberjee is our Go-To man/woman in every village/town from where you can get every possible financial service that you may need. Named after the Indian God of Wealth “Kuber”, Kuberjee is a well-trained local entrepreneur who can fulfill the entire financial services requirements of his/her community.

This includes banking transactions, consumer loans, micro finance loans, general insurance, Gold Loans and other suite of financial services. Kuberjee is the store next door in every village/town which will enable rural India to obtain global products and services right in their village/town.

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About Kuberjee

Customer satisfaction is our top priority

Kuberjee Store is executed to bring a positive and useful change in the lives of its users. Hence, Customer satisfaction will be always on the top of the priority list.

હું દૂધ મંડળી ચલાવું છુ. કુબેરજી સાથે જોડાવવા થી અમારે મંડળી ના પૈસા ડાયરેક્ટ બેંક માં જ આવી જાય છે અને પૈસા ટ્રાન્સફર કરીએ એમાં પણ સારું કમીશન મળે છે એટલે અમને ગામ વિસ્તાર માં પણ પૈસા કમાવવાની તક મળી.

Abhalbhai Talsaniya

Dudh Mandali President

Good Application. Its really solved my customer problem. I have used micro atm service & it provides best commision.

Konika Ahuja

Mobile Shop Owner

Kuberjee store application 100% fullfilled what they said. I am doing my all digital business through it.

Manoj Patra

Money Transfer Service

હું પાન ની શોપ ચલાવું છુ. કુબેરજી સાથે જોડાવવા થી મારી 20000 સુધી ની એક્સટ્રા કમાણી થઇ છે અને ગામ માં એટીએમ જેવી સુવિધા પણ આવી ગઈ . કુબેરજી થી મારુ ગામ ડિજિટલ ગામ થઇ ગયું.

Shrikrishna Chaudhari

Pan Shop Owner

हमारे गाँव मे एटीएम और बैंक नहीं है लेकिन कुबेरजी स्टोर बनने से हमारी इनकम भी बढ़ी है और गांव में सुविधाएं भी। हम कुबेरजी स्टोर के आभारी हैं।

Sunila Sathaye

Dudh Mandali Member