Abhalbhai, a milk store owner of Navagam availed banking services in his village

Abhalbhai is a milk-store owner in the village Navagam (Sardhar) availed basic banking services for the people of his village at his milk-store. With the help of Kuberjee’s micro-ATM service, Abhalbhai is offering services like cash withdraw-deposit, mini statement to people.

Abhalbhai runs a milk-store in his village Navagam (Sardhar). Navagam is a village which can be counted as hinterland and there are no banks in the area. As people of this village are mainly associated with associated with agriculture and herding, visiting the bank in the nearby village for the monetary transaction was costing much of their time.

When Abhalbhai came to know about Kuberjee and its Digital banking services, he has approached Kuberjee and gathered all necessary information. About how he comes to know about Kuberjee, Abhalbhai said, “I like to watch the old film songs on YouTube in my free time during the afternoon; meanwhile, I came across the advertisement about Kuberjee Micro ATM. After giving it some thought, I contacted them and got more information. Being attracted towards the facilities that Kuberjee provides, I have started offering Kuberjee Micro ATM, Bill Payment, and other digital services at my store.

About his experience with Kuberjee and its services, Abhalbhai says, “Kuberjee is a really nice platform and provides all the necessary services like basic banking service, digital payment service, and ticket booking. As we do not have banks in our village, Kuberjee’s micro ATM is serving us as Bank. It has helped me to strengthen my relationship with my fellow villagers and helped me to earn extra through various services.”

In addition, Abhalbhai said that through Kuberjee’s Micro ATM service, he is now paying the milk-depositors directly in their bank account. Hence, it has solved the issue of limited Cash as well. People of Sardhar village are also assured that in certain situations, they will find cash and withdraw their money from their bank account by visiting Abhalbhai’s milk store.

In Abhalbhai’s words – “Kuberjee has not only helped me solving my issue of sufficient cash but also helped me to build a strong relationship with the people of my village and surrounding villages as well. Kuberjee is solving the people of our village as a Bank in its own way.”