Neelamben Chavda, an inspiring personality who has impressed the MLA with her Business Enthusiasm

Neelamben Chavda from Jesapura village of Kheda District in Gujarat is an inspiration to many women. Kuberjee team once organized a seminar in Nadiyad City which Neelamben attended. She decided to join Kuberjee in the seminar itself. The TLM and MLA were the guests at her store opening ceremony.

Neelamben Chavda is a mother and a homemaker, living in Jesapura Village of Thesara Taluka in Kheda District of Gujarat. She is a woman with big dreams and is passionate about achieving something big. She appeared for the IIBF Exam and passed it as well. This enthusiasm and passion made her stand out among the others in her district and earned her the privilege to have the MLA as a chief guest for the store opening ceremony.

Neelamben Chavda attended a Seminar discussing the ‘Digital payment’ and ‘Banking Correspondent’ subjects organized by Kuberjee Tech Pvt. Ltd at the Nadiyad City of the Kheda District. She was one among many other women who attended the Seminar and instantly decided to move further and explore the opportunity offered by Kuberjee. In this seminar, Kuberjee Team has discussed ‘Digital payment services’ like Mobile recharge, Bill payment, Booking, etc., and ‘Digital Banking Services’ like Money Transfer, Micro ATM, and AEPS services.

During the discussion, the Kuberjee team explained how these services can help them solve their problems. Also, explained how they can start a business by offering these services through the Kuberjee Platform and what benefits they can receive. Neelamben found kuberjee’s services to be useful and worth exploring; especially, the ‘Digital Banking Services’.

Jesapura is a small village of Thesara Taluka and in the local area of the village, there’s no bank or ATM booth available. It was forcing people to travel to the village in the neighbourhood for accessing the basic banking services. Neelamben found that Kuberjee’s Digital payment service will be helpful for the people of her area and it will be a good business to start.

So, at the end of the seminar, she approached Kuberjee Team members and proposed for herself to work as a BC. Her enthusiasm and quick decision skills made Kuberjee Team and the TLM Mr. Dilipbhai Shrimali amazed. Dilipbhai suggested her to organize a store opening ceremony. Later on, when MLA Yogendrasinh Parmar came to know about Neelamben, he was also impressed and he was present at this store opening ceremony. On this occasion, many guests were present like TLM Dilipbhai, TDO Avni Tabiar, DLM Madhuben Parmar, and Sarpanch.

On this special occasion the COO of Kuberjee Tech Pvt. Ltd was also present and he provided a special ‘Acknowledgment Certificate’ to Neelamben Chavda. This has inspired many other women from the nearby villages and it has served the purpose of women empowerment in a true manner.