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Frequently Asked Question

Kuberjee provides exciting offers and cashback to its users on making mobile recharge. On Kuberjee, you’ll find several promo codes on special occasions and you can win the scratch cards on making transactions with the Kuberjee. Also, you can check the available offers in the offer section of the Kuberjee Wallet.

KuberJee is one of the trusted apps for online All mobile recharge and other transactions. KuberJee has the easiest mobile recharge process and it provides hundreds of money-saving offers. You can check all available plans for recharging mobile on KuberJee and choose the best one. KuberJee constantly updates the recharge plans that the service providers offer; so, you cannot be left out from getting the ultimate benefits.

One can easily recharge his/her mobile phone using the Debit card on or the KuberJee mobile app. Here’s a quick look at the steps, you’ll need to follow for recharging your mobile phone using the debit card.

  1. Enter the mobile number.
  2. Conform or select the service provider I.e. VI, Airtel.
  3. Select the Recharge Plan.
  4. Select a Debit card in the payment method.
  5. Enter your card details.
  6. Enter the OTP received on mobile.
  7. Check the Payment Notification. That’s it.

If you recharge on the Kuberjee enter the correct details and if the recharge does not process, you can cancel the recharge after two hours of placing the order. You just need to go to ‘My Orders’ in your profile section and cancel the recharge order. You’ll get the refund in 24 hours.

The talk-time stands for the duration that one can spend talking on the cell phone. The talk time is the minutes that a user will get on recharging with a certain amount. The users can choose proper talk time that will be suitable for the user.

Kuberjee provides the cashback directly to the users’ wallets. The user can use this Cashback amount for future purchasing on Kuberjee.

Kuberjee is an advanced digital wallet, mobile recharge enabling users to perform digital transactions safely and conveniently. The Kuberjee users can enjoy the services like online mobile recharge, DTH recharge, online bill payment, online Insurance, online money transfer, etc.

About Kuberjee

Using the Kuberjee mobile wallet, the users can perform recharge for their mobiles. Kuberjee helps the users to make their mobile recharge whether it is talk-time, roaming, Data, or any smart recharge. The Recharge process of the Kuberjee wallet is easy to perform and reliable in terms of money security.

Kuberjee supports almost all telecom service providers like Jio Prepaid Recharge, Vodafone Idea recharge, Airtel, BSNL, etc. in the country and the users can make a recharge of any of these service providers.

The users simply need to browse for their operators and choose appropriate plans for recharging their prepaid cards. I.e. Airtel prepaid Plans. On the Kuberjee store, the users can find the latest Recharge plans from the operators and process their mobile recharge online with the Kuberjee store.

VodafoneIdea Mobile Recharge (VI)

Kuberjee Wallet users can make recharges for their VodafoneIdea Prepaid card, using the Kuberjee mobile recharge service. The users will have to enter their VI mobile Number in the field and look for the suitable plan listed plans. Kuberjee will provide information about the available plans for each specific number from the service providers. By choosing the preferred plan, the users will be able to make their payments for the recharge.

Airtel Mobile Recharge

With the Kuberjee mobile wallet, the users can make their mobile recharge for their Airtel Prepaid Card. Using the Kuberjee service, the users can make recharge for their Airtel Prepaid Cards from anywhere and at any time. As the users enter their Airtel number in the field, the Wallet will identify the service provider, in this case, Airtel, and suggest the available plan. The user can select their preferred plan and make their Airtel Prepaid Card Recharged in a moment.

BSNL Mobile Recharge

The users of the BSNL Prepaid recharge online Service can make their BSNL Card Recharged with the help of Kuberjee mobile Recharge Service. The users shall enter their mobile number in the section and the Kuberjee Wallet will present the available plans for the particular number. The users simply have to select a suitable plan for themselves and make the payment. This mobile recharge service process on the Kuberjee wallet is simple and easy.

Jio Mobile Recharge

The Jio prepaid card users can make recharges for their Jio numbers on Kuberjee. The users need to enter their Jio number in the field, and the wallet will make sure the number is entered properly by displaying the operator's information. The users are then required to select the plan of their choice and make their payment.

Recharging mobile with the Kuberjee mobile wallet is easy and simple. It is a secured and trustable digital payment platform.

The Benefits of Mobile Recharge Online with Kuberjee:

Kuberjee is the multipurpose mobile wallet app; making Online mobile recharge with Kuberjee is economic and beneficial in many ways. You will find all Mobile Recharge operators on the Kuberjee mobile wallet. The steps of making recharge on Kuberjee are easy, quick, and secure.

On Kuberjee you will find the following benefits while making recharges for your mobile.

  1. Ease and convenience:
  2. It is an easy task to make mobile recharge online with the Kuberjee wallet. Within a few steps, you can recharge your prepaid mobile phone. The recharge process on the Kuberjee wallet is quick and convenient.

  3. User-friendly interface:
  4. The interface of the Kuberjee wallet application is not complicated. It is very easy to understand and glide through every step. Even a person with limited knowledge can perform online mobile recharge on Kuberjee.

  5. Secured payment option:
  6. Making a payment for online mobile recharge with Kuberjee is secured. The user will not require worrying about the security of their money or credit card/Debit card details. These details are safe in Kuberjee’s secured database. It is always safe to make a transaction with Kuberjee.

  7. Economic platform:
  8. Kuberjee is an economic payment solution; making any transaction with Kuberjee is economic and cost-effective. The users can save their money by utilizing Kuberjee’s offers. There’re many offers that the users can utilize to save some of their money while making recharges for their prepaid mobile.

  9. Multiple service providers:
  10. There’re multiple service providers listed on the Kuberjee mobile wallet. The user can make recharges for several different mobile operators on this same digital wallet. Also, on Kuberjee you’ll find all mobile operators and the list of their plans. On Kuberjee, It is easy to make recharges for different service providers.

    Mobile phones are a part of our daily lives; we can perform many tasks through mobile phones including payment, networking, etc. These days recharging mobile phones monthly is compulsory no matter which company is your service provider. Hence, a retailer with Kuberjee Store also can make benefits by offering mobile recharge service to their customers.

    Kuberjee store provides many retail services, the retailer with Kuberjee Store can offer mobile recharge services to his/her customers without investing any extra money. When a retailer offers a mobile recharge Online service in his/her store, the possibility of the customers’ footfall increases. That means there’s the possibility of turning the visitors into the customers; in the end, this will give result in an increase in the income.

    With Kuberjee Store, the retailer can offer mobile recharge service for almost all operators including Airtel, VodafoneIdea, BSNL, Jio, etc. This recharge process with the retail service of the Kuberjee Store is simple and quick. With Kuberjee store Retail services, the retailers can make multiple recharges in a very short time. This is also a benefit for the Kuberjee Store retailer as the more recharges he/she will do, the more commission he/she will get; resulting boost in the income.

    Kuberjee store retail services are economic also; the retailer with the Kuberjee Store can make mobile recharge Online for his/her customers and earn a good commission. The retailers can become distributors also. The distributors with the Kuberjee Store can have their retail network and have own commission structure.

    Mobile recharge service is the most demanded retail service as there’s a large number of mobile users in our country. Almost every day, the retailers can find customers wanting to recharge their mobiles; it’s an all-season business. The retailer can earn commission almost throughout the year simply by offering the mobile recharge online service to his/her customers.

    To start your business with Kuberjee, visit and join Kuberjee Store as a retailer or become a distributor.

How to recharge on KuberJee?

In the Kuberjee mobile wallet, as the user, you need to click on the recharge menu and select the Mobile Recharge option. Then, you’ll need to enter your mobile number in the field. As you enter your mobile number, the wallet will suggest the service provider name i.e. VI or Airtel. You shall confirm the number and the service provider; also, you can choose the right service provider if there’s a mismatch. After selecting the service provider, the wallet will suggest the available recharge plans for your number; you then need to select the plan of your choice and make the payment.

On Kuberjee, you can pay for the recharge amount in several ways like UPI, Credit/Debit Card, and Wallet amount. The UPI payment, Credit and Debit Card Payment can take a few minutes in processing. When the recharging process will be completed successfully, you will be notified with the payment information.

Here are the steps to understand the whole process in a single look:

  1. Go to the mobile recharge section.
  2. Enter the mobile number.
  3. Conform or select the service provider I.e. VI, Airtel.
  4. Select the Recharge Plan.
  5. Make Payment via UPI, Credit/Debit Cards.
  6. Check the Payment Notification.

Just like that, the Kuberjee Users can make a recharge their mobile numbers easily and conveniently.

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