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Online DTH Recharge with KuberJee


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Kuberjee Store is executed to bring a positive and useful change in the lives of its users. Hence, Customer satisfaction will be always on the top of the priority list.

હું દૂધ મંડળી ચલાવું છુ. કુબેરજી સાથે જોડાવવા થી અમારે મંડળી ના પૈસા ડાયરેક્ટ બેંક માં જ આવી જાય છે અને પૈસા ટ્રાન્સફર કરીએ એમાં પણ સારું કમીશન મળે છે એટલે અમને ગામ વિસ્તાર માં પણ પૈસા કમાવવાની તક મળી.

Abhalbhai Talsaniya

Dudh Mandali President

Good Application. Its really solved my customer problem. I have used micro atm service & it provides best commision.

Konika Ahuja

Mobile Shop Owner

Kuberjee store application 100% fullfilled what they said. I am doing my all digital business through it.

Manoj Patra

Money Transfer Service

હું પાન ની શોપ ચલાવું છુ. કુબેરજી સાથે જોડાવવા થી મારી 20000 સુધી ની એક્સટ્રા કમાણી થઇ છે અને ગામ માં એટીએમ જેવી સુવિધા પણ આવી ગઈ . કુબેરજી થી મારુ ગામ ડિજિટલ ગામ થઇ ગયું.

Shrikrishna Chaudhari

Pan Shop Owner

हमारे गाँव मे एटीएम और बैंक नहीं है लेकिन कुबेरजी स्टोर बनने से हमारी इनकम भी बढ़ी है और गांव में सुविधाएं भी। हम कुबेरजी स्टोर के आभारी हैं।

Sunila Sathaye

Dudh Mandali Member

Frequently Asked Question

Normally, the DTH recharge payment process takes a few minutes. In some cases, it may take twenty-four hours. If the recharge will not get completed successfully; the user will get their refund in 48 hours.

Kuberjee will show the available plans for each dth recharge plan. However, Kuberjee suggests that the user should always confirm the recharge plans on the service provider’s website.

The users can download the invoice for their DTH recharge on Kuberjee. The user will have to go to the ‘My Orders’ section and click on the order of their DTH recharge. There, the user will see the ‘Download invoice’ option, clicking on this option the user will be able to download this invoice.

The users can see the previous DTH recharges that they have made on Kuberjee. To see the previous DTH recharges, the user will have to go to the ‘My orders’ section. There the user will be able to see their previous DTH recharges. The users can use the ‘Filter’ option to spot their DTH Recharge quickly.

Recharges that are not processed and when the amount is deducted; the user will get refunds for such transactions. Kuberjee suggests you confirm your customer number and amount every time before making their DTH service recharge.

Direct to Home-DTH service is the most common service, providing Online DTH Recharge the customers with daily entertainment and information service. India has the largest DTH market in the world, utilizing the ISRO satellite. DTH Service is the payable service. The customers need to pay their bills or recharge their DTH prepaid card to continue enjoying the constant entertainment.

Kuberjee is the most reliable and economic platform to make DTH Recharges or pay its bills. It is also a common issue for people to miss the due date of their direct-to-home service. This can be the cause of the disruption of the service. To avoid such interruption in your entertainment, you must recharge your DTH service on time with Kuberjee.

Recharging the DTH service with KuberJee

Recharging the direct-to-home service with Kuberjee is easier and simpler. One can recharge his/her DTH service without any hassle using the Kuberjee DTH recharge service. Kuberjee provides an instant DTH recharge facility for direct-to-home service providers like Tata Play (Known as Tata sky), Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV, d2h, Sun direct, and more.

Kuberjee also offers its users to pay for their DTH services according to their preferred Plans. The users can make recharge for six months, twelve months (annual plan), one month, or for three months. The users can choose their preferred plan to recharge their DTH service on Kuberjee.

Flexible Payment methods

Kuberjee provides flexible payment methods to its users. The users can make their direct-to-home recharge using their Credit/Debit cards, wallet amount, or the UPI Payment option. Payments made with Kuberjee are secured and safe.

Money-saving offers on recharging DTH Recharge with Kuberjee

Kuberjee users can enjoy the economic solution of making recharges for the DTH Services. Kuberjee provides a variety of offers on making recharge for their direct-to-home service. The users can have cashback and discounts on making recharge with the Kuberjee service. Plus, the users can add coupon codes for getting the extra discounts while making DTH recharge.

There’s a simple process of making DTH service recharge on Kuberjee

The users need to go to the recharge and bill payment options on Kuberjee. There, the users will need to choose the bill payment option and follow the steps given below

  1. Select the DTH operator.
  2. Enter your Customer ID/Registered Mobile Number/ Smart Card Number/ Subscriber ID.
  3. Enter your recharge amount.
  4. Select the payment options like, Credit card/Debit cards, wallet balance or UPI.
  5. Click the ‘Pay’ button and compete your payment.
  6. Get the notifications about your payment status.

Following these simple steps, the users can make payment for their DTH service recharge safely.

Kuberjee Provides Recharge Services for almost each DTH Service provider. Here are a few DTH service providers, the users can perform recharge for these DTH operators with Kuberjee Direct-to-home Recharge service.

1. Airtel Digital TV

The Subscribers of Airtel Digital TV can make recharge for their Direct-to-Home service from Airtel using the Kuberjee airtel dth recharge online. The Airtel Digital TV subscribers can check their Recharge plans on the official website of Airtel Digital TV. On Kuberjee, the users can make recharge for six months or an annual plan also.

2. Dish TV

Dish TV recharges India is an Indian Direct Satellite Broadcast Service Provider. There is also a large customer base of Dish TV. The Users can recharge their Dish TV, using Kuberjee’s DTH recharge service. The users can Check their plan on Kuberjee and make recharge for their Dish TV Recharge.

3. Sun Direct

The users of Sun Direct DTH service can make an online recharge for their Sun Direct DTH service. The users can check their recharge plans for sun direct DTH on Kuberjee and perform recharge with their preferred plan.

4. TATA Play

Tata Play DTH is an Indian direct broadcast satellite service provider using MPEG-4 digital compression technology, TATA Play is formally known as TATA Sky, the subscribers of the TATA Play Direct-To-Home service can make recharge for their DTH on Kuberjee, choosing their preferred plan.

5. Videocon D2H

Videocon D2H DTH is owned by Dish TV, the users of Videocon D2H service require recharging their D2H service timely to have uninterrupted entertainment. Kuberjee provides a quick and easy recharge option. The Kuberjee user can make recharge for their Videocon D2H by checking its available plans.

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