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Frequently Asked Question

To send money transfer online, you will need to create an account on or the Kuberjee app. Then you will require linking your bank with the Kuberjee app. By doing this you will be able to send money online through UPI, Bank transfer, or mobile transfer as well.

The Kuberjee app will notify you if your money transfer process is successful or not. The transaction is successful in meaning that the beneficiary has received the payment. you’ll also be notified when the money will be deducted from your bank account.

Yes, the money transfer process of the Kuberjee is free. the user doesn’t need to pay any money for transferring funds.

No, for now, the international money transfer on KuberJee is not available. It may available soon, keep checking on KuberJee.

Yes, it is. The user can transfer their money online with assured security on KuberJee.

If your money is deducted but not received by the beneficiary, you’ll be getting the refund within the next 48 hours.

Yes, this process is called card transfer. You can use your Debit Card to transfer money from one bank to another. There, you’ll need to add your CVV and the registered phone to receive the OTP.

Kuberjee offers cashback on transferring money online. The users can use several coupons as well money transfer near me.

Money transfer does not require visiting banks anymore. One can transform money transfer online within a few minutes from their mobile or computer devices. The process of transferring money became shorter and quicker. One can transfer his/her money online; it is now an easy and low-cost process. The process of interbank transfer and Intrabank transfer is also available easily in today’s mobile applications.

You can transfer your money using your mobile devices anywhere across the country. You just need a few details to perform this action.

Kuberjee Money Transfer Service

Kuberjee offers money transfer services to its customers. The users of Kuberjee can transfer funds from anywhere to any bank. Kuberjee also assures the secure process of fund transfer, you can pay bills. the user will not need to worry about any sort of loss. Kuberjee does not charge high-fees for transferring money transfer services.

Kuberjee enables its users to transfer their funds directly to the beneficiary’s bank account. Kuberjee offers interbank service and intrabank money-transfer service as well.

1. Interbank money transfer

With Kuberjee, the users can perform interbank money transfer services very conveniently. The users of a bank can transfer/her money to the beneficiary with the same bank. This transfer process can be done easily, within a few minutes the fund transfers from one bank account to another bank account.

2. Intrabank money transfer

KuberJee offers an intrabank money-transfer service also. The users of KuberJee can transfer their money to the customers of another bank. The intrabank transfer can be done smoothly with KuberJee in the private banks and co-operative banks also. Intrabank transfer with KuberJee is possible across the country, no matter which state you are from, you can transfer your money to another person in another state quickly.

Secure money-transfer service

KuberJee money transfer service is much secure; KuberJee monitors and updates its security measurement regularly. One can transfer their money, from one bank to another bank without doubting the transfer process. There are various methods, using which the KuberJee users can transfer their money.

Universal Payment Interface (UPI)

Transferring money through UPI is one of the most used, and easy methods. For this, the user will require linking their bank account with their KuberJee wallet. The UPI method will allow its users to transfer their money from their bank to the beneficiary’s bank. To transfer the money through the UPI method, the user will require the beneficiary’s UPI Id or bank details. The user will require providing the authentication (UPI PIN) for completing the process.

Transfer to mobile

The user can transfer money to the beneficiary’s mobile number as well. Here, the user will not require any other details except the beneficiary’s mobile number.

To the Bank

With KuberJee, the user can transfer his/her money directly to the beneficiary’s bank account. Here, the user will require the beneficiary’s bank details like Name, Bank Name, Bank Account number, and the IFSC code. By entering these necessary details into the given field and entering the amount, the users will just need to click the ‘Pay Now’ button.

Scan and pay

The users can transfer funds to the beneficiary by scanning the QR code of their digital wallet or the UPI ID. This process is simple but you’ll require scanning the beneficiary’s Digital QR and you’ll be able to perform the money-transfer process.

KuberJee’s money transfer process

To transfer money in any bank across the country, the KuberJee user will require following the steps given below.

  1. Open the KuberJee app and go to ‘Money Transfer’.
  2. Select the method of transferring money i.e. UPI method.
  3. Enter beneficiary’s details like name or UPI ID.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to transfer.
  5. Click on the ‘Pay Now’ button and enter your UPI PIN.
  6. Enter the OTP received on the Phone.
  7. Click ‘Ok’ and your money will be transferred.
  8. Receive payment notification.

You can also enter the Coupon code or any promo code while entering the amount; this can bring you some Cashback too.

If you have any issue or query do look at the following FAQs or write us at our Support email id.

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