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Frequently Asked Question

With Micro ATM or Mini ATM device, one can get the benefits of basic banking services like Cash Withdrawal, Cash Deposit, Balance check and Enquiry, and Mini settlements.

The application fee is the license fee that the business owner shall pay to get the delivery of this terminal along with software and certification with Rupay card of NPCI and Aadhaar of UDAI. By doing this, the businessperson can offer three main services to users. These services are:

  • Recharge and Bill Payment
  • Cash-in/Cash-out/Money Transfer
  • Rupay card Transaction

Once you submit your request for the Micro ATM device and submit your necessary documents, you will get this Micro ATM device within 48 hours. In some cases, this timeline can be extended.

Being a Fintech company, Kuberjee is determined to bring the best micro atm app economic solutions to its users. Considering that, Kuberjee has introduced Kuberjee Micro ATM Service. With this service, the users will be able to enjoy the basic banking services at the Kuberjee micro ATM center.

With the help of Kuberjee Micro ATM, the users can get the benefits such as Cash to withdrawal and Cash deposit, Transactions through Credit and Debit cards, and mini settlements.

What is Micro ATM?

Micro ATM is a small portable device that allows users to make transactions using their credit and debit cards. With a Micro ATM device, the user can deposit cash and withdraw cash as well. The user can also make a transaction through their Aadhaar Card. The device comes with a portable keypad and a slot to swipe Credit/Debit cards. The device can be connected with the mobile/computer or the Wi-Fi; it communicates with the bank and processes the transaction.

The benefit of Micro ATM

KuberJee offers Micro ATM service to its users. The device is very useful in making a quick transaction through credit/Debit cards. With the device, the user can get benefits from basic banking services like withdrawing and depositing cash. This device is very useful, especially in the areas where the banks are yet to reach. This device minimizes the effort of the people located in the remote area is visiting the bank to the nearby city. Any shopkeeper can have this device placed in his/her store and offer the Micro ATM service to the users.

With this Micro ATM device, you can:

  • Convert your shop into an ATM booth
  • Get a low-cost ATM, the best option for the current ATM
  • Use this Portable device in many ways
  • Set up and carry your ATM Services anywhere
  • Interoperate this device and use it for any banks
  • Help people of your area, especially in a rural area
  • Contribute to solving the economical issue for the people in a remote location

The Micro ATM services:

1. Cash Withdraw

With a Micro ATM device, the customers can withdraw cash from their bank account. In a rural and remote area, the branches of the banks cannot reach and that is why the Kuberjee Micro ATM device is most useful there. The Users can visit nearby the Kuberjee store and withdraw their money using their Debit cards.

The users simply need to swipe their ATM card or Debit card in the swiping slot of the micro ATM device. When a user withdraws money, the amount gets deducted from their bank account and transferred to the Kuberjee merchant account. Then, the store owner can hand over the deducted cash and a transaction receipt to the customer. Because of this micro ATM device, the users can get basic banking facilities at the nearest Kuberjee Store.

2. Cash Deposit

The users can deposit their money into their bank account using Kuberjee’s micro ATM device. Here, Kuberjee will accept the cash amount and transfer that amount into the customers’ bank account using Kuberjee’s merchant account. Also, the store person will provide the customers with the deposit slip.

The Customers can deposit their cash into their bank account using the Micro ATM device. The customers just need to provide their bank details like bank account number, bank name, and IFSC code. By providing some essential details, the customer will easily deposit his/her money into the bank account.

3. Aadhaar Enable Banking

With the micro ATM device, the customers can perform a transaction using Aadhaar Card also. Customers with Aadhaar enabled bank accounts can deposit money and withdraw money from the bank. Using an Aadhaar card, the customer can perform a balance inquiry as well.

Using the Aadhaar card customers can transfer their money to another bank account. The customer doesn’t require visiting any bank or filling-up lengthy forms. Money-transfer with an Aadhaar card is easier and quicker.

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