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Frequently Asked Question

When you enter your landline number and select the service provider, KuberJee will fetch your bills from your landline service providers. You can check and confirm the amount with the bill that you have received and pay your bill.

Also, you can check your landline bill on your landline service provider’s website. You can precede this bill payment simply by entering the amount from the bill that you have received.

To download the BSNL landline bill, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Go to BSNL official website.
  • Sign in or sign up on the website.
  • Click on account and view bills.
  • Click on the landline bill, the bill will be open in PDF format.
  • Click the ‘Download’ button and save it on your device.

KuberJee provides bill payment services for the landline service providers like BSNL, MTNL, Airtel, and Reliance.

If the bill payment fails, the users will get their refund within three working days. However, the customers are suggested to wait for the final payment status. Sometimes, this bill payment process takes up to 48 hrs.

If you have paid your landline bill on KuberJee using the UPI option, you’ll receive your refund in your bank. If you have made this payment using credit/debit cards or the wallet balance, the refund will be deposited into your KuberJee wallet.

No, you can’t. But you can utilize such wallet balance in your next purchase or order.

No. the Balance you have in your KuberJee wallet will not expire. You can use this wallet balance in your payments or purchases on KuberJee.

In India, there are a few well-known companies providing landline bill payment services. One of them is Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). There are other landline service providers too, like Airtel and Reliance.

Though, there is a new era of mobile devices for a decade; landline phones are still in use. The company BSNL has the largest network of landline users across the country. BSNL provides broadband service also. This service is payable; the users need to pay their landline phone bill to continue having uninterrupted service. The users can pay their bills at their service provider’s office, Post-office or pay them online.

Landline bill payment with KuberJee

Kuberjee offers a remarkable service of making online bill payments for landline services. On Kuberjee, users can pay their bills online from any landline service provider. The users can make their landline bills paid with the help of the Kubejee bill payment service.

The users simply need to enter their landline number and select the service provider. By doing this, the landline bill will be fetched from the service provider’s website. The user can check their customer number and amount. Clicking the ‘Pay’ button, this bill will be paid online.

Landline Bill Payment Online

Users can pay their landline bills offline and online. Talking about offline, the user shall be visiting the Telephone operator’s office or he/she can pay this bill by visiting the post office. While concerning the online bill payment options, the user can pay this bill by visiting the service provider’s website or he/she can use the services like KuberJee’s bill payment service.

We all know, and we all have the experience that paying bill offline at the bill collection center is slightly annoying and cost us lots of time. In this busy schedule of our daily day life, most of us will prefer paying this type of bill using our mobile device. We will prefer not to spend too much time in a queue. Focusing on all these hassles, that as users we face; Kuberjee brought an easy and simple option of paying the landline bill online.

Landline Service Providers on Kuberjee

There are many Landline Service Providers in the Country. The Kuberjee users can make payment for their landline Bills for almost all service providers.

Here are a few landline service providers in India, the Kuberjee Users can make payment for their Landline bills from these service providers.


Airlink is providing Broadband Service, and Fiber Optic Service to cities across the country. The Users of Airlink shall require paying for their broadband and Landline Bill. The users can pay for their Landline bills offline by visiting the Airlink Bill Collection Office or the Users can make this payment online.

The Kuberjee users can make their payment for the Airlink Landline Network online using the Kuberjee Online Landline Bill payment service.


Airtel provides landline and broadband service to its customers. The customers can use Airtel internet service and Airtel Broadband service. These services are the payable service, the customers shall have to pay their Airtel landline bill and internet bills to have this facility constantly.

The Airtel broadband and landline users can pay their bills at the bill collection office or a nearby bill collection center. To avoid this hassle and extra effort, the users can pay their Airtel Landline bill online using the Kuberjee services. Kuberjee provides easy and beneficial bill payment services to its users. With Kuberjee, the users can experience the unmatched online landline bill payment service.

BSNL Corporate

The BSNL Landline network is a huge network extended over a wide geographical area of the country. The BSNL Landline service is payable, the users shall pay landline bills for having this landline service constantly.

The users can pay for their landline bills at the BSNL office or a nearby post office. To avoid such hassle and extra effort, the user can pay their bills online. The BSNL Customers can pay their landline bills online using Kuberjee’s online bill payment service.

BSNL Individual

BSNL also provides domestic Landline Bill Payment services in a large part of India. The BSNL Individual service is post-paid. The Customers will require making payments for their BSNL Landline bills.

The Customers can make their bill payment by visiting the BSNL bill collection office or the customers can pay these bills online using an online payment service. Kuberjee offers a convenient and economical bill payment service. Through Kuberjee, the customers not just pay their BSNL Landline bill online but customers can save their time and money as well.

Connect Broadband

The Customers of Connect Broadband service can enjoy the landline service and the broadband service. This is a payable service and the customers of the connect broadband will require paying their landline bill for having the landline service continue.

The Customers of connect broadband service can make their bill payment on Connect’s bill collection center. The customers of Connect Landline can pay their landline bill at Kuberjee and experience a trouble-free and pocket-friendly experience.


The Mahanagar Telecom Nigam Limited-MTNL is a subsidiary of the BSNL Company and its headquarter is in Delhi. The company provides Landline service to many of the Cities in India. The landline service from MTNL is payable and it issues the bills for its users.

The Kuberjee users can pay their MTNL landline bills online. By doing that, the user can have this MTNL Service uninterrupted.

Nextra Broadband

Nextra provides its users with internet service and landline services. The user base of Nextra Broadband is around Delhi NCR, Haryana, Jaipur, Mumbai, Meerut, Modinagar, and the area around that.

Nextra Issues Landline bills for its customers; the users of Nextra service require paying their Bills for continuing the landline service. The users of Nextra can pay for their landline bills offline at a bill collection center, or the users can pay these bills online using any online payment service.

Kuberjee provides an efficient and secured online payment option. The Nextra users can pay their landline bills online with efficiency and security.

Trikona Landline

The Company Trikona infinite Private Limited provides Landline and broadband services to its customers. These services are payable, and the customers of Trikona will require paying for their Landline bills for enjoying an uninterrupted service.

The customers of Trikona can pay their landline bills and broadband bill offline and online as well. The customers can pay their landline bill at the bill collection center and they can pay these bills online as well.

With Kuberjee, the Trikona Landline users will be able to pay their bills online. The user can not just pay their landline bills but also will be able to save some money and time at the same time.

There were a few landline service providers, Kuberjee users can pay their landline bills from these suppliers online in a snap.

How to pay Landline Bill on KuberJee?

The Landline Bill Payment Service on KuberJee consists of a few simple steps. Following these quick and easy steps, the users can pay their landline bill in a snap. On landline bill payment page,

  1. Enter your account number
  2. Enter a number with STD Code
  3. Get the bill or enter the amount
  4. Pick bill payment promo codes of your choice and get Cashback & other offers
  5. Select payment option i.e. Debit/Credit Card, Net banking, or Kubejee wallet
  6. Get payment notification

The payment process on KuberJee is safe and completely secured. The users’ data are in encrypted form; so, the users can perform this payment with no second thought.

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