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Frequently Asked Question

To pay your gas bill online, you shall open the bill payment section in your KuberJee wallet and select the “Gas bill”. There you’ll require adding your customer number, which will be printed on your bill. Also, you need to enter the billing amount in the “Amount” section and click on the pay button. You’ll need to select the payment-making option and add details accordingly to complete this payment process.

To check your gas bill, you need to visit the website of your gas suppliers and then open the “Check your Bills” menu. There you’ll need to enter your customer number and Captcha. After doing this, you will see your gas bill.

The customer number or the Customer id is a unique number assigned to the customers. By this customer number, a user will be identified easily and quickly. This customer number can be found on the bill; either at the top of the customer name or at the bottom of the customer’s address.

First thing, the gas bill payment cannot be processed twice from the same app. If you do so, your gas bill payment will not be proceeding successfully. in a rare case, if you pay this bill a second time, you can easily cancel your order and the amount will not be deducted. Even if your money is deducted, it will be refunded within a certain period.

Piped Gas connection is now common and we can see it almost in every home. Whether you want to pay for gujarat gas billor gas bills from any other company, Kuberjee is the right platform. As the customers of the Piped Gas Connection, we need to pay gas bills to continue having the uninterrupted Gas Supply. Taking out time for paying these gas bills is hard sometimes. Also, procrastinating these tasks sometimes brings us to the end date of the bill payment. And to avoid such situations, it is wise to think about paying these gas bills online.

Kuberjee offers a convenient bill payment service. The Kuberjee users can pay these gas bills online without any extra hassle.

Efficient and Trustable bill payment service

Kuberjee offers an efficient and trustable bill payment service. Using the Kuberjee mobile app, the user can pay his/her gas bill online. The user doesn’t need to schedule a special visit to the Gas bill collection center. The Kuberjee users can pay their gas bills at any time and from anywhere.

With Kuberjee, the users do not need to worry about the last date of such bill payments. The users can pay such bills online in a few moments with the Kuberjee digital payment service.

Multiple Payment options

Kuberjee users can pay these electricity bills using their Credit cards, Debit cards, and UPI as well. The bill payment steps on Kuberjee are also the easiest. Kuberjee also has money-saving offers and it provides cashback as well. The user can save some money while paying the gas bill on Kuberjee; thus, Kuberjee is an economic payment solution.

The easiest way to pay the gas bill

Making payment for a gas bill on Kuberjee is very simple. The user will have to enter his/her Customer number and enter the amount. After that, the user shall click the Pay button, and the bill will be paid.

Kuberjee offers Gas bill payment Service for many gas service providers across the Country. Kuberjee users can pay their Gas bills online for these service providers.

Gujarat Gas bills :

Gujarat Gas Limited (GGL) is India’s largest city gas distribution company; it is spread across 43 districts in 6 states. GGL continues to hold the leadership position in the CGD industry in terms of size and scale of operation, with more than 17 lakh households, and over 13,600 commercial customers. As the company has a large base of customers, it is obvious that there’ll be a queue at the bill collection centre.

The customers can pay their gas bills from Gujarat Gas Limited by utilizing the Kuberjee online Gas Bill payment service. It is most convenient to pay the gas bill online from the Gujarat Gas limited than to pay it by visiting the bill collection centre.

Adani Gas

Adani Gas Limited supplies piped natural gas to many states of the country. The customers of piped natural gas shall pay their gas bill on time for continuing their Gas supply. In this case, the customers of Adani Gas Limited require paying their Gas bills to continue having the gas supply. The customers can pay these gas bills by visiting the bill collection center or paying them online.

Kuberjee offers an expedient online Gas Bill Payment service. The Customers of Adani Gas Limited can pay their Gas bills using the Kuberjee bill payment service.

Adani Total Gas

Adani Total Gas is a City Gas Distribution Network, supplying piped natural gas to several Cities in India. The Customers of Adani Total Gas pay the bills for continuing their Gas supply.

The users of Kuberjee services can pay their gas bills from Adani Total Gas online and save themselves from putting any effort into paying their Gas bills by visiting the bill collection center.

Bhagyanagar Gas Limited

Bhagyanagar Gas Limited is a Gas Distribution Network, supplying Piped Natural Gas to the industrial and commercial sectors of the country. The suppliers of Bhagyanagar Gas limited has extended to the city of Hyderabad, Vijaywada, and Kakinada.

This is a payable service, the Customers of Bhagyanagar Gas shall have to pay these gas bills to continue having an uninterrupted gas supply. Kuberjee offers online bill payment services for various gas suppliers, Bhagyanagar Gas Limited is one of these suppliers. The Customers of Bhagyanagar Gas can pay their bills online using the Kuberjee gas bill payment service.

Central UP Gas Limited

Central UP Gas is a Joint venture with the company GAIL India. It is a Piped Gas Distribution Network. The network is extended to the geographical area of UP; from Kanpur, Bareli, to Jhansi.

The customers of central UP Gas limited can pay their gas bills online using the Kuberjee online gas bill payment service. Kuberjee’s bill payment service is safe and secured.

Avantika Gas Limited

AGL-Avantika Gas Limited supplies Natural Gas to the Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, and Automotive sectors in India. The company supplies Natural Gas in the cities of Madhya Pradesh like Indore, Pritham Pur, Ujjain, and Gwalior.

The customers of Avantika Gas Limited require paying their Gas bill to continue having their Gas supply. The Customers can pay their gas bills at the bill collection office or they can pay them online. Kuberjee offers an economic service for paying their gas bill online. The customers of Avantika Gas Limited can pay their Gas bills using the Kuberjee online bill payment service and save their time, effort, and money.


GAIL is a government-owned natural gas supplying company in India. GAIL owns the largest piped line network in the country. The Customers of GAIL Corporation are found in wide sectors of the country. The GAIL Gas service is payable. The Customers shall pay for their gas bill to continue having the gas supply. The Customers can pay their Gas bills online or at the bill collection center.

Kuberjee offers a suitable option for paying the Gas bills online. The Customers of Gail Gas Corporation can pay their gas bills online using the Kuberjee Gas bill payment service. It is a Safe and Secured service.

Maharashtra Natural Gas

Maharashtra Natural Gas is a Citi Gas Distribution Entity, it is spread over a wide geographical area. It is extended from Pune & Pimpri to Valsad City of Gujarat and Ramanagar in Karnataka. The users of Maharashtra Natural Gas require paying their Gas bill offline or online to have this gas service uninterrupted.

The customers of Maharashtra Natural Gas can pay their Gas bills online on Kuberjee. Kuberjee offers a secured online bill payment service to its users. With Kuberjee, the users can pay the gas bill from Maharashtra Natural Gas Company and have their Gas service uninterrupted.

These are a few Gas Supplying companies, the Kuberjee users can pay their gas bill online for any of these gas suppliers.

Charotar Gas Sahkari Mandli Limited

Charotar Gas Sahkari Mandli limited provides Industrial, commercial, and domestic gas supplies. The Company provides Piped Natural Gas to the domestic sectors in the area around Charotar.

The customers of Domestic Gas supply from Charotar Gas Sahkari Mandali require paying for the Gas supply. The Customers of Charotar Gas Sahkari Mandali can pay their Gas bill on Kuberjee. Kuberjee Provides an online gas bill payment service that is handy and economic.


The users of Gas supplying companies can pay their gas bills online using Kuberjee Services. Plus, the customers of the Mandli like Gail Gas Limited, Gail India Limited, Green Gas Limited, Gujarat Gas Company Limited, Gujarat State Petronet Limited, and Haryana City Gas-Kapil also can make their Gas bill Payment online with Kuberjee.

Chopra Enterprise

The Kuberjee users can make payment for their gas bills from the service providers of Chopra Enterprise like Indian Oil Adani Gas Private Limited, Indraprastha Gas Limited, IRM Energy Private Limited, and Maharashtra Gas Limited, and Maharashtra Natural Gas.

The users simply need to search for their Gas Suppliers and select the correct one. The users can simply type their gas service provider's name in the service provider’s field to locate their service providers quickly and easily.


Kuberjee also provides electricity bill payment services for the companies like Megha Gas, Naveria Gas, Sabarmati Gas, Sawariya Gas Limited, Tripura Natural Gas, and Torrent Gas Moradabad. The customers of these companies can make their gas bill payments online using the Kuberjee gas bill payment service.


The Kuberjee users can make their Gas bill payment online from the LTD Companies like Unique Central Piped Gas, and Vadodara Gas Limited.

Paying a gas bill with Kuberjee is a convenient, easy, and economic process. The users can pay their Gas bills quickly at any time and from anywhere.

Steps to pay the Gas bill with Kuberjee :

There’re a few easy steps that Kuberjee users shall follow to make payments for their gas bills. Here’re the steps:

  1. Go to the gas bill section on Kuberjee.
  2. Enter your customer number.
  3. Add the billing amount.
  4. Select payment options.
  5. Click ‘Pay’ to pay this gas bill.

After the Gas Bill Payment Process gets successful, the user will receive the notification. Kuberjee also informs about the status of this bill payment within the app and on the registered emails as well.

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